About Colleges and Universities in Ontario

Studying in Ontario

International students from all over the world come to attend middle school, high school, college and university in Ontario. After high school, students may choose to pursue post-secondary training or education. There are many different post-secondary options for students in Ontario. These options include university, college, apprenticeship, and private career college. There are two main types of public post-secondary institutions in Canada: colleges and universities. There are 24 colleges and 22 universities in Ontario. These institutions offer two different types of education. International students often choose to make Ontario their home after they finish their studies because Canada is the perfect place to be a citizen of the world.


Universities offer three- and four-year undergraduate programs that lead to bachelor’s degrees. Graduate programs include master’s degrees and doctorate or PhD degrees. Colleges offer diplomas, certificates, and some bachelor’s degrees. Post-graduate college programs offer certificates to students who have already completed a college diploma or a university degree. Colleges also offer continuing education courses.


University undergraduate programs differ from college programs in that they focus more on theory and research than on practical applications. Large universities are made up of smaller “colleges,” but these differ from the colleges described above. In some fields, those with university training have more opportunity for advancement. In other fields, college training is preferred.


Colleges in Canada focus on more practical training and grant diplomas, certificates, and post-graduate certificates. While most college programs are two years, some colleges also offer four-year bachelor’s degrees, either on their own or in partnership with universities. Colleges also offer continuing education certificates and classes where no application is necessary.

Ontario’s college system was created to offer equal access to education across the province. In some cases, a certain college may offer a special program or a unique approach to a particular field of study. But in most cases, colleges in Ontario offer the same quality of education across disciplines and have similar admission requirements.