About Colleges and Universities in Ontario

Studying in Ontario

International students from all over the world come to Canada to study, there are many different post-secondary options for students in Ontario. These options include university, college, apprenticeship, and private career college. There are two main types of public post-secondary institutions in Canada: colleges and universities. There are 24 colleges and 22 universities in Ontario. According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) 60 % of international students plan to apply for permanent Canadian residence after completing their studies. Learn more about Studying in Ontario.


Ontario's universities offer various programs. You may undertake an under-graduate or graduate degree or other professional programs. Program lengths are varied depending on the prerequisites or qualifications required to determine eligibility. Learn more about Universities in Ontario.


Colleges in Canada focus on more practical training and grant diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships and post-graduate degrees. Most college programs are two years, some colleges also offer four-year bachelor's degree, either on their own or in partnership with universities. Learn more about Colleges in Ontario.