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International Student Connect webinars were created to provide customized information and settlement resources geared towards the needs of international students and their accompanying family members.  These webinar topics include but are not limited to Immigration Pathways, Renewing your Study Permit/Work and Applying for your Post Graduate Work Permit.  The webinars are offered at no cost to you and are between 20 minutes to 1 hour in duration

You may register and join a webinar of your choice below.

If you are attending an institution that participates in the International Student Connect Project, you can get answers to your personal questions in a private and confidential space by scheduling a follow-up One-on-one Session with the Settlement Worker assigned to your institution.

Effective Budgeting

Volunteering and Making Community Connections

Managing Financial Stress

Improve Your Wellbeing: Exploring How Physical Activity Leads to Better Mental Health

Self-Care Strategies to Overcome Stress


Coping with Loneliness in a New World

Cyber Security and Identity Theft

Canadian Income Taxes, Part 2

Canadian Income Taxes, Part 1

Creating Inclusive Environments for LGBTQ+ Communities

Criminal Offences and PR Application

Job Search During COVID-19

Accompanying Partners of International Students

International Students Travelling with Family

Travelling Outside of Canada

Getting A Driver's License

After Arriving in Ontario for Studies

Self Harm and Prevention Strategies

Disorders That May Affect Mental Wellness


Staying Safe at Work

Banking in Canada

Accompanying Partners of International Students

Relationship Safety and Sexual Health

Relationship Safety – Marriage and Sponsorship

Online Safety – Staying Safe While Shopping Online

Labour Market and Employment

Employer Expectations Part 2

Employer Expectations Part 1

Renewing Your Study or Work Permit

Public Transit Etiquette

Legal Rights While Employed In Canada

Finding a Place to Live

Canadian Workplace Culture

Canadian Post Graduate Work Permit Program

Before Arriving in Canada for Studies

Transportation and Driving in Ontario for International Students