Let's Connect Information Sessions

Let's Connect Sessions

When you attend a Let’s Connect Information Session, you will learn about immigration pathways, legal rights, money and personal finance, health care, housing and other topics important to international students.

Let’s Connect Information Sessions are one-hour group workshops held on or near campus. The sessions are led by experienced settlement workers who work for local agencies that provide settlement services.

Settlement workers help newcomers to Canada settle into their new home and learn about housing, legal rights, employment opportunities, learning opportunities etc. In the ISC project, they bring their expertise to the International Student community.

Ontario is a big place - each community, town, city, and region is different. Every Let’s Connect Information Session includes information specific to the place where you are living, working, and studying.

After the group session, you’ll have the option to attend a one-on-one session with a settlement worker. One-on-one sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask follow-up questions about your unique situation. These private sessions are confidential and may be conducted in your language of choice.

Let’s Connect Information Sessions and one-on-one sessions take place throughout the academic year on the campuses of all colleges and universities participating in this project.

If you cannot attend a Let’s Connect Information Session, you can sign up for a Let’s Connect Webinar. If you cannot attend a group session or sign up for a webinar, you can still sign up for a one-on-one sessions.